Hello-kittty L O V E

Hello-kittty L O V E
she is peacefully, sweet, and herself

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


      Hello Kitty has a lot of friends, but our favorites are Pandapple, Badtzmaru, Chococat, Pochacco, Pannapitta, my melody, Kuromi, Keroppi. These are our favorites because they are the cutest ones of all her friends and they are the ones that we like the most.

      What we love about Hello Kitty is that she is very cute, shes also sweet and shes original and nobody can be like her. What we think is cute about Hello Kitty is that she has cute outfits and that she always has a cute bow on! What we think creative about her character is that she always has a cute different color bow! And that there are lots of things of her. For example like she has a cellphone case, pencils, pens, colors, backpacks, jewlery, toasters, nails, and more!

   One of Hello Kitty's friends is Pandapple. Pandapple is cute little panda girl. We think she is so cute because she has a little hat that is a apple. Pandapple is one of Hello Kitty's best friends, he is one of out favorites because

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